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Ordinary Time: March 14, 2021

Fourth Sunday of Lent


This Sunday is called "Laetare Sunday" in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite since its mood and theme is one of hope and rejoicing that Easter is near. In the Ordinary Form this Sunday is not different from the other Sundays of Lent even though the entrance antiphon for the day still begins with the Latin word "laetare" and the vestments worn by the celebrant are rose-colored, not violet. The day is important because it is the day of the second scrutiny in preparation for the baptism of adults at the Easter Vigil.


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Lenten Season

The time has now come in the Church year for the solemn observance of the great central act of history, the redemption of the human race by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In the Roman Rite, the beginning of the forty days of penance is marked with the austere symbol of ashes. The use of ashes is a survival from an ancient rite according to which converted sinners submitted themselves to canonical penance. The Alleluia and the Gloria are suppressed until Easter.

Abstinence from eating meat is to be observed on all Fridays during Lent. This applies to all persons 14 and older. The law of fasting on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday applies to all Catholics who have completed their eighteenth year to the beginning of the sixtieth year.

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February 17th 

Memorial of St. Patrick, bishop and confessor (Solemnity Australia, Ireland, Feast New Zealand, Scotland, Wales)

 This is a day to honor and pray to St. Patrick. He was an influential saint who, 1,500 years ago, brought Christianity to the little country of Ireland. He was born about 385 in the British Isles, was carried off while still very young during a raid on Roman Britain by the Irish and sold as a slave. At the end of six years he contrived to escape to Europe, became a monk and was ordained; he then returned to Ireland to preach the Gospel. During the thirty years that his missionary labors continued he covered the Island with churches and monasteries; in 444 he founded the metropolitan see of Armagh. St. Patrick died in 461. After fifteen centuries he remains for all Irishmen the great bishop whom they venerate as their father in the Faith.


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Misal 2021 - Para Todos los domingos y fiestas del ano

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Misal 2021

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"Remember to keep holy the sabbath day."

-- Exodus 20:8


Keep Holy the Sabbath

On the seventh day the Lord rested; He directs you to do the same. It is a day holy unto Him. Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of obedient rest. Honor the Lord on the first day and you will realize His blessings the rest of the week as well. Remember to keep holy the Sabbath.


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